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Air Conditioning Service – Repair

For Air Conditioning Service – Repair look no further than Global Air. Our experienced technicians are always available to assist you.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

We recognise the critical importance of regular maintenance for systems to be in excellent working order at all times.

In the event of a system failure our air conditioning maintenance contract can guarantee a fast response and unrivalled support and care to all our customers.

Also Serving Air Conditioning Repair

Maintaining a workplace which is cool and comfortable for your staff can be much easier when you invest in a modern commercial air conditioning system. Global Air Conditioning specialise in installing Commercial Air Conditioning and Residential Air Conditioning Installation across the capital & beyond, and our expertise in helping local businesses to enhance their premises with air con is second to none. We are happy to advise as to the best system for your specific requirements, and will complete the installation to the very highest standards, with ongoing maintenance contracts available to keep your air conditioning in top condition throughout the year.

It is our experience that the vast majority of expensive air conditioning repairs occur as a result of systems which have not been subject to any regular maintenance or servicing. Typically when being used in a residential environment we would normally recommend two service visits per year, but for more critical use, e.g. server rooms, trading floors, retail shops and restaurants, we would normally advise more frequent service visits.

Air Conditioning Service - RepairLook out for the following symptoms – they are the classic indicators of a poorly maintained air conditioning system:

  • Poor airflow
  • Stale odours
  • Loss of performance
  • Dirty appearance
  • Sludge in drain line
  • Increased energy bills
  • Prone to freezing
  • Leaking water
  • Nuisance High Pressure & Low Pressure alarms

Air Conditioner Major Service

  • Re-gassing
  • Cleaning filters
  • Check all pipes
  • Check sensors
  • Check compressor
  • Check all round

Contact us today to find out why so many clients choose us to provide the commercial air con that they need, and take the first step towards an installation from Global Air Conditioning at your own premises.

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