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Residential Refrigeration

For the best service in Residential Refrigeration in Johannesburg – Pretoria, Global Air Conditioning is the best choice for you. We provide comprehensive refrigeration solutions for domestic clients. We service and repair all types of domestic refrigerators.

Residential RefrigerationRefrigeration services include:

  • blast freezers
  • normal freezers
  • hot food chillers
  • thawing chillers
  • fruit and vegetable fridges
  • display chillers
  • cold rooms
  • under bar fridges
  • working areas
  • island freezers
  • bottle coolers
  • Domestic fridges

Standard service of a refrigeration unit involves:

  • Checking of compressor oil levels
  • Checking of electrical loose connections
  • Cleaning the condensing unit
  • Cleaning the evaporators
  • Checking of discharge and suction pressure
  • Checking of voltage phase balance
  • Adjusting controls if not normal
  • Checking of system superheat and adjusting if not normal
  • Quality assurance to match refrigeration standards

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